Are they real?

So, are twin Flames real? This topic seemed to have taken the social media by store. So many are seeking that “perfect” partner. This was not something I was looking for. Than I seemed to have been presented with a bomb! Over time I decided to try and attempt to “show” how Twin Flames show up in real life through photography. My Twin Flame is well known and I can easily look him up online. With all my research and what the numerous mirrors/signs/syncs that my Twin and I share, it appears Twin Flames are very real to me.

My twin, William Patrick Corgan, approached me that he believed we are the real deal twin flames. I did not go to him claiming hey, I’m your soulmate/twin flame, but rather he approached me with this news, which to me, I also felt an inner relief to hear this “news” because I can’t understand why I felt a certain way towards him and no one else. I mostly kept this “crazy” to myself through the years, even the very few times I came close to him. I did not “scream” “faint” or shake or whatever else associated with fangirlism. I never intended to try and “nail” him. I did express that I loved him and I don’t know why, I just know I loved him and no one else.

With little knowledge about Twin Flames, I had to fully immerse myself reading about it because I didn’t understand, if he felt we were soulmates, why isn’t he with me? What’s the deal? He tells me to have faith, and I’m wondering what’s this? He openly said he never read the Bible, yet he’s telling me to have faith. I had to examine it on my own and not just take someone’s word for it, no matter who it is, even the only human I loved most.

I don’t believe in going into something with blind faith. Is this for real? Too good to be true? Claiming I’m some “divine aspect” of another person, which is him. Is this man mental? Is this some joke? During the few months I jumped in on the online fan community, I’ve experienced so much negativity from them that I can’t explain why there were many who were so nasty towards me when I didn’t say anything negative nor directed negativity towards them. Am I being targeted for some online twisted plot? I don’t even believe in soulmates! Is he taking advantage of me because he knows I’d be a sucker to believe this coming from him? Is this his game with women? Did he fry his brain so much through the years from drug use?

A thousand questions pop in my head over time after being “awakened” to this Twin Flame journey. So I decided to really look more “deeply” between us after I read a lot about it. Surly, I thought, maybe I’ll see it in pictures. I already had a list in my head I thought of that could be possible mirrors/signs/syncs. Let’s type it all out, find photographs and put it out there. After I began, I noticed how it was growing so insanely while I was typing it out. I had a few pictures I made collages of, then I began really seeking out for more pictures of myself since I already had developed an extensive collection of digital images of him. Than I paired up life events. I searched for physical characteristics because, I didn’t see facial similarities before. Through the years I may have noticed some “coincidences” so I decided to use them as well. This thing is just too huge to not share with others. Everything that points to Twin Flames we fit into. It’s so surreal to me.

We are in, what is called physical separation. During our physical separation, I took it upon myself to do extensive research. I feel I’m mostly done with this. I’ve moved on to religious interfaith studies. I created this blog to fully examine our dynamic and share with others. He’s a well known celebrity, and me, well, I’m no where near that type of status. With his fame, I’m able to search the internet for information about him and compare them to my life. The way how our mirrors/signs/syncs show up, status and fame has nothing to do with them. His mirrors/signs/syncs maybe more lavish but we still have them. We are completely opposite of each other, yet the same. We are yin yang.

Having a Twin Flame that’s a celebrity, I feel it’s important that they be the one to approach the other person. That’s just my opinion. They deal with people on a large scale, the world. Obsessed fans, gold diggers, fame chasers, groupies, publicly news stunts from other celebrities, and whatever else I missed. They should know what’s real and sincere. Our story happens to be very drawn out, but without it, you can’t see the mirrors/signs/syncs.

If you believe you “met” your twin flame, no matter if you do “feel something” I will probably still tell all, fully examine this twin flame concept connection. If they are a celebrity, non celebrity, teacher, truck driver, anyone, it doesn’t matter. Look into it and examine it deeply. Don’t just go by blind faith. Some people like to feed off your energy. There are people who mislead others for whatever reason. You might be a little crazy for a period of time and I think that’s best to examine if you are Twin Flames or just infatuated and pray to God for answers. Focus on God, not human idol worship. When your focus is on another person and not of Jesus, God or anything that’s the divine, it becomes an idol worship. Any celebrity with status can probably cause a reaction to any person that they approach with sweet talks and love bombs. “I’m a romantic” what it really means, “I’m a womanizer”. Power of suggestion. Grooming. Mind control. I can’t say any of those had any affect on me or on our mirrors/signs/syncs. Years of being a fan and listening to his music didn’t fog my mind. I believe I was cautious entering this “possibility” of being his Twin Flame and figuring out if it’s real or a myth. No amount of “grooming” through song lyrics or music had any affect on me, nor our mirrors. It did not effect me to leap into bed with him when he did show up in my life after breaking the news to me. It is what it is.

In closing, regardless that we are indeed Twin Flames, Twins need to take their focus off of each other and focus on God. I believe I’ve collected enough info and I can let it go. This relationship is of the spiritual, a sacred union, divinely fused, which to me, speaks volumes about doing things like read the Bible and other sacred texts and fully surrender to God and Christ. Of course, sometimes I can’t help myself and drift back. He’s always there, in the back of my mind and I don’t need to connect with listening to his music or owning everything he puts out or always needing to tag text him on Twitter like other fans do. After “learning” about this connection, and having social media where the world is always connected, it’s tempting, believe me. Twin Souls are supposedly “obsessed” with each other. As I mentioned a bit ago, I can’t turn him “off” in my mind, no matter what I’m doing.

You can’t force this connection. I had no intention of “forcing” myself to be some soulmate of a celebrity. I don’t “do” things to try and impress him and tag them and say “look at me, I’m desperate for you to give me attention because I want to add a celebrity to my bed notch” which it what it appears to be with social media right now.

This is an excellent article of the topic of Twin Flames and in scriptures.

Twin Flames, Marriage and Union in Islamic and Christian scriptures

Here is another article that I found about Soul Ties that can be looked into.

Basic Introduction to Soul Ties

Take care. God bless.


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